Popo Nest Daily Package is cooked with 100% natural cooked and cleaned bird's nest using old traditional recipe and method to produce an exquisite and clean taste.

Large and Small Original Pandan

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We cooked and prepped our bird's nest using our known methods to deliver the best bird's nest quality and eating experience for our customers.

All Popo Nest bird's nest products are going through 4 layer of Quality Control ,
before its packed and delivered to our customers.

There are several options to choose :

1. Popo Nest Original Pandan*


*Available in Size Small & Large

Drawing (1)Popo Nest Original Pandan
Size S

Rp. 90.000,-


Drawing (1)Popo Nest Original Pandan
Size L

Rp. 120.000,-


We care about our customers and we don't take their trust for granted.